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These packages allow you to browse Moodle documentation offline. Certain links, such as "edit", "history" or "recent changes" still lead to the online version of the documentation. Packages are built using HTTrack website copier plus custom shell scripts for packaging the contents. If you find a problem or have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, please email docs [at] wimski [dot] org. All comments are welcome!

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dev.zipDevelopers Documentation6 days 12 hours ago116.6MBDownload Now!
310_de.zipDeutsch (German) - Moodle 3.104 days 15 hours ago77.5MBDownload Now!
310_en.zipEnglish - Moodle 3.102 days 15 hours ago232.1MBDownload Now!
39_en.zipEnglish - Moodle 3.92 days 13 hours ago226.6MBDownload Now!
39_de.zipDeutsch (German) - Moodle 3.94 days 14 hours ago77.7MBDownload Now!
38_de.zipDeutsch (German) - Moodle 3.8165 days 14 hours ago72.7MBDownload Now!
38_en.zipEnglish - Moodle 3.8163 days 14 hours ago181.4MBDownload Now!
37_en.zipEnglish - Moodle 3.71 year 155 days ago172.8MBDownload Now!
37_de.zipDeutsch (German) - Moodle 3.71 year 157 days ago68.6MBDownload Now!
36_en.zipEnglish - Moodle 3.61 year 337 days ago168.6MBDownload Now!
36_de.zipDeutsch (German) - Moodle 3.61 year 339 days ago61MBDownload Now!
2x_fr.zipFrançais (French) - Moodle 2.x3 days 12 hours ago52.6MBDownload Now!
2x_ja.zip日本語 (Japanese) - Moodle 2.x12 hours ago55.1MBDownload Now!
3x_fr.zipFrançais (French) - Moodle 3.x3 days 10 hours ago138.5MBDownload Now!
all_es.zipEspañol (Spanish) - all in one1 day 3 hours ago249.8MBDownload Now!
all_eu.zipEuskara (Basque) - all in one5 days 10 hours ago21.7MBDownload Now!
2x_ca.zipCatalà (Catalan) - Moodle 2.x5 days 5 hours ago78.5MBDownload Now!

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